Friday, December 13, 2013

The Do's And Don'ts of Dinosaur Cloning

So after watching a few HORRIBLE Dinosaur movies along with playing a few Dinosaur games I have decided to compile a list of things you should do and things you should not do when cloning Dinosaurs along with how to contain them.

Things to Do

  1. Armed Guards in the Hatchery or Cloning Vat Room.
  2. Manual Controls on EVERYTHING.
  3. Hire Specialists.
  4. Don't get overconfident.
  5. Keep all animals behind a solid concrete barrier with electric fence on top, with motes on the inside and emergency backup power source.
  6. Limit Population.
  7. Make sure people know where our facility is and that you have hourly check ins with the mainland.
  8. ALWAYS have your facility on an Island its safer to the general population.
  9. Security Cameras and motion sensors in every encloser and holding facility.
  10. Electrical perimeter fencing.
  11. more than 50 people on site at any time.
  12. Keep the carnivores big to start the smaller they are the harder they are to keep track of.
  13. Study the animals Don't assume current prevailing scientific thought got it 100% right.
  14. If your plans are to build a park make sure you treat it like a Nature Preserve not a Zoo or Theme Park.


  1. Automated defence systems in any location.
  2. Cloning the Animals in a populated area or on a farm.
  3. Keeping the Animals in wooden buildings or enclosures.
  4. giving your research to the military.
  5. releasing your animals at night to feed.
  6. treating the animals as pets.
  7. trusting the animals won't kill you because you created them.
  8. thinking you own the animals.
  9. keeping your glass cloning vats out in the open in a large room without some kind of metal cover or barricade.
  10. Trusting that chains will hold back a Tyrannosaur or other Large Theropod.
  11. Keeping your project a secret.
  12. Limited power supply running your project.
  13. Hiring suspicious people to work on your project.

So here it is the list of things to do when cloning prehistoric animals im hoping to do more of these sort of Dinosaur cloning posts so stay tuned.